Mindfulness for Anxiety online course participant

Katie is very sincere and very genuine. I appreciate that she did have the courage to speak in front of the camera, because not all courses have that, and it adds to the humanity and feeling of connection in this course. Katie’s delivery is well-paced and her tone is calm and level while still using enough vocal variety to be engaging.

In terms of content, she is careful to avoid overwhelming her students. She keeps her exercises simple and common sense, to the point where I was wondering: “Why haven’t I been told this before? It’s brilliant! I can’t wait to integrate this into my daily practice!”

She starts at the beginning, and walks us through mindfulness in small, manageable steps in a way that is empowering. I am excited about using the Happiness Calendar and Appreciating Windowsills app!

Thank you for putting together this course, Katie.” 

Kars Duck

A Be Calm, Be Happy course review on the Soul Nutrition Facebook page

I was introduced to Katie by a friend & attended a couple of her local workshops in Mindfulness techniques. Listening to her describe her experiences with such honesty was a breath of fresh air & she recommenced some great reading to support her work.

This led me to undertaking an in person Be Calm, Be Happy mindfulness course with Katie & her colleague Anne, which I can honestly say changed my world. Mindfulness is now such an important part of my life & I am lucky enough to be able to share the habits with others in my work.

Be Calm Be Happy mindfulness course

I am so grateful to Katie that our paths crossed at a time when I was needing to make big changes. Katie helped me to find the confidence I needed, supported me with guidance & naturally shares her empathy as well as her skills as a mentor & mindfulness teacher.

I honestly feel that she was the missing part in a jigsaw I had been trying to complete for many years, she helped me to put the pieces together and see the picture as a whole.

Frances Taylor

The Sleep Fixer

I recently attended Katie’s 6 week ‘Be Calm, Be Happy’ mindfulness course. I had practised mindfulness using an app for some time and attended the course as I realised that I was finding it difficult to incorporate it into everyday life. Katie is a very impactful facilitator.

Mindfulness can seem a bit “out there” for some people but Katie’s practical, professional and knowledgeable approach is highly effective – and reassuring for those new to the subject. She is able to put the principles of mindfulness into a scientific, researched based context whilst maintaining a light touch that is engaging and enjoyable.

Her sessions are light hearted yet practical and hugely beneficial for anyone who wants to build personal or business resilience.