Debbie Brunt

Pharmaceutical Research - TCM Practitioner, Clinical Psychotherapist

I would strongly recommend the Pharma Nord lectures delivered by Katie. I have attended many conferences in my 23 years in pharmaceutical research, and it is very interesting to review the literature on the many positive effects of nutritional supplements.

As a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Clinical Psychotherapist I am always looking for other ways to enhance a person’s psychological health. The Pharma Nord lectures have been informative and given me ideas on how to integrate the use of supplements into my patients’ therapeutic plans. 

Katie is outstanding as a trainer and I can honestly say that out of the many conferences I have attended in my 23 year career, she is one of the best speakers I have experienced. Her material is always well structured and informative. Katie delivers in a multisensory way which accommodates for all learning styles.  I am so impressed with her knowledge and positivity, it is contagious!