Lucy Swann

Volunteer Team Leader - CSSC Northwest

CSSC (Civil Service Sports Council) is a not for profit membership organisation for Civil Servants and Public Sector Employees. CSSC’s vision is to inspire members to explore new ways to be active and healthy.

From Lucy Swann

Katie hosted an online Mindfulness for Self Care session for our members, due to the COVID 19 Pandemic and lockdown scuppering any plans for an ‘in person’ event.

From the very first contact with Katie she was extremely professional and easy to work with. The session was planned in line with what we wanted, and Katie was able to send me all the information and resources needed really efficiently and in good time.

Katie was great at communication, and I knew that the event would go fantastically because she is clearly so well organised and trustworthy. The session was beyond expectation, Katie is extremely personable, putting everyone at ease and giving everyone a chance to speak and share their needs and experiences. Personal stories and truthful emotion from Katie really brought the session to life and allowed our members to relate. Everyone on the virtual session was wonderfully engaged- completely involved in Katie’s words and direction. Katie’s manner immediately put everyone at ease and her friendly personality and kindness really shone through.

Virtual events can be difficult- they are so different to what we are all used to, but Katie knew completely how to manage it, was engaging and gave a truly personal approach. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Katie for any event- be it in person or virtual. A true professional who clearly cares.

We have already booked more sessions and look forward to working with Katie much more in the future.

From CSSC Members

“Thank you very much for organising the session with Katie Sheen and sending me the slides. It was both an informative and relaxing session from Katie who was really engaging and sold the benefits of mindfulness well. I loved the practical tips and mindfulness practice.” 

“I found this an interesting, helpful and well-balanced session.” 

“The session was fantastic, really helped me understand more about mindfulness and I really liked hearing Katie’s stories, it helped bring the content to life.”

“I enjoyed the webinar yesterday and am definitely interested in additional sessions.”

“I found it excellent. I’ve been telling everyone today about how I had the best sleep ever afterwards and slept til 8.30am which is unheard of!”

“It was really engaging and interesting. Thank you!”

“Thank you very much, I really enjoyed the webinar last night and found it most useful.”

Callum Ferguson

Head of Content - Heart Valve Voice

Katie came on board with our programme to help support valve disease patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, a challenging period in many of their lives, and delivered a brilliant mindfulness workshop tailored to suit the specific needs of our patients. In a short space of time she was able to curate an engaging workshop which gave patients of varying abilities practical tools to help manage their own mental wellbeing.

Her workshops not only tell you how to use mindfulness but also explain the mechanics of why it works, giving a rounded understanding of its use to the individual. In addition to this, the resources she has developed on her website offer the mechanisms for continued engagement and support for our patients after the workshop.

Katie is a wonderful person and presenter, and we’re very glad she came on board with our programme.

Heart Valve Voice

Heart Valve Voice is the UK’s dedicated heart valve disease charity. They work with patients and clinicians to help increase the awareness of heart valve disease in the UK and improve diagnosis and treatment.

The charity is a collection of people with real experiences of heart valve disease, including a multi-disciplinary group of experts in the field (cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, GPs), cardiac patient societies and patients.

Georgia Barnes

Event Manager - IHCAN Conferences

From IHCAN Conference organisers

Katie was a great speaker to have at our event, creating a relaxing and positive atmosphere for the delegates to be educated in. Her presentation style was clear and concise, meaning delegates could take a huge amount of information away with them to use in practice.

Katie’s presentation timing was perfect which is something both delegates and organisers appreciate, and the way she answered people’s questions was both factual and honest meaning that everyone could relate.

From an organiser’s point of view, Katie was excellent to work with. From the beginning of the process she was organised and always available to contact. She always sent across anything requested, and always before the deadline. She is also incredibly friendly and approachable, and understanding of the needs of both organisers and delegates.

I would highly recommend working with Katie, and look forward to working with her in future.

From Integrative Health Professionals:

“Best mindfulness presentation I’ve seen. Thank you”

“Thank you Katie, this is a game changer for me.”

“I am loving this! Katie Sheen presentation is so beautiful and calming”

“Fantastic Katie, always so interesting and inspirational to hear you talk!”

“Fantastic presentation Katie, thank you. I love the topic. I’ve got a picture on my wall saying Smile and the world smiles with you” 🙂

“Thank you Katie, it was really helpful and insightful. Looking forward to exploring metta meditation”

“Thanks for very inspiring lecture!”

“A timely reminder for self healing, many thanks Katie”

“Thank you Katie that was fantastic and so helpful”

“Thank you – wonderful – I will use this in my yoga class, allowing people to smile for themselves” 🙂

“Many thanks, wonderful presentation Katie. SO important to incorporate into our work specially on ourselves first!”

“Such an inspiring talk. Thank you. Very practical too.”

“Fantastic way to present this complex topic, thanks!”

IHCAN Conference stats 2020

Dr.Simon Wade

Webinars for GPs

I mean wow! That first session for the COVID-19 GPs’ support group with not many hours’ notice at all speaks volumes. So then we’ve had so much positive feedback.

My first contact with Katie was a webinar presentation that a charity Heart Valve Voice were going to do to support their community of patients with heart valve disease and their families and relatives and supporters. They were keen to offer something under the heading of mindfulness and wellbeing and introduced me to Katie.

So it was really interesting to meet and be able to go through the technical rehearsal and then sit and host that charity’s webinar, and really enjoy the content that Katie was sharing. In fact even before Katie did her webinar, just from the chat that we had beforehand, I invited her to come on and share a little of the content with the COVID-19 GPs’ support group weekly web meeting that I was putting together.

I’ve really enjoyed the sessions. They’re great because they explain as well as give the experience. So it satisfies my logical rational brain, as well as satisfying me emotionally. It’s very therapeutic. All of the sessions have been very, very flexible and adaptable at tailoring what Katie offers based on the sense she gets of what might be helpful at the time… and that’s a real skill. That’s a real skill.

So Katie, you’ve been very kind, sharing resources such as that Mindfulness Course for Anxiety, and it’s been lovely to be able to share all of those resources out through the Primary Care Support Group and to colleagues.

So I’m hoping that awareness of what you do and what you’re offering will spread, you know, spread the good. But I really appreciate what you’ve given in supporting myself and my colleagues and would thoroughly recommend you to anybody who’s looking for somebody who’s experienced in teaching and training and talking around mindfulness and wellbeing and managing mental wellbeing, especially anxiety.

There’s a lot of authenticity. How you share your difficult journey is inspiring, because that difficult journey has led to the person you are now and all the growth, and the sort of direction that you’re moving in now is obviously in some way quite significantly linked to your life experience. So there’s real authenticity to how you share and teach and bring people into a mindfulness experience. And it’s very worthwhile.

So I fully recommend Katie to anybody. If you’ve got any thoughts, pick up the phone or get on a Zoom meet and have a chat with Katie.