Will Britton

People Team Assistant - Stickyeyes Digital Agency

Katie hosted a virtual session for us at Stickyeyes about mindfulness at work where up to 50 people joined to learn more about the practice of mindfulness.

Katie was able to offer solid background to the importance of mindfulness and gave our team many great practical examples of mindfulness.

The feedback we received from our employees about the session was superb and everyone loved the practical tips and techniques Katie showed and explained to the team.

I highly recommend Katie to any employer.

Tina Grainger

Senior Operations Manager, Collections Operations - Barclaycard

Health and Wellbeing is high on our agenda to ensure our people are adequately educated and live long and happy lives. We wanted an external consultant to run a programme for our leadership and advisor population, Katie came highly recommended and certainly lived up to our expectations. We embraced her calming presence and positivity.

In very interesting and ‘penny dropping’ sessions it brought to life that how we look and feel is down to our diet and mindset.  Simple and easy changes are so impactful and nearly 2 years on, the legacy of the sessions is still embedded.  So many colleagues have made small and significant lifestyle changes. We loved the approach of face to face sessions, videos, open days and links/access to great information.

Lucy Swann

Volunteer Team Leader - CSSC Northwest

CSSC (Civil Service Sports Council) is a not for profit membership organisation for Civil Servants and Public Sector Employees. CSSC’s vision is to inspire members to explore new ways to be active and healthy.

From Lucy Swann

Katie hosted an online Mindfulness for Self Care session for our members, due to the COVID 19 Pandemic and lockdown scuppering any plans for an ‘in person’ event.

From the very first contact with Katie she was extremely professional and easy to work with. The session was planned in line with what we wanted, and Katie was able to send me all the information and resources needed really efficiently and in good time.

Katie was great at communication, and I knew that the event would go fantastically because she is clearly so well organised and trustworthy. The session was beyond expectation, Katie is extremely personable, putting everyone at ease and giving everyone a chance to speak and share their needs and experiences. Personal stories and truthful emotion from Katie really brought the session to life and allowed our members to relate. Everyone on the virtual session was wonderfully engaged- completely involved in Katie’s words and direction. Katie’s manner immediately put everyone at ease and her friendly personality and kindness really shone through.

Virtual events can be difficult- they are so different to what we are all used to, but Katie knew completely how to manage it, was engaging and gave a truly personal approach. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Katie for any event- be it in person or virtual. A true professional who clearly cares.

We have already booked more sessions and look forward to working with Katie much more in the future.

From CSSC Members

“Thank you very much for organising the session with Katie Sheen and sending me the slides. It was both an informative and relaxing session from Katie who was really engaging and sold the benefits of mindfulness well. I loved the practical tips and mindfulness practice.” 

“I found this an interesting, helpful and well-balanced session.” 

“The session was fantastic, really helped me understand more about mindfulness and I really liked hearing Katie’s stories, it helped bring the content to life.”

“I enjoyed the webinar yesterday and am definitely interested in additional sessions.”

“I found it excellent. I’ve been telling everyone today about how I had the best sleep ever afterwards and slept til 8.30am which is unheard of!”

“It was really engaging and interesting. Thank you!”

“Thank you very much, I really enjoyed the webinar last night and found it most useful.”

Angharad Rayner

Closure Director - Magnox Trawsfynydd

During the time Katie spent on Site working with my teams, I was impressed at the way she managed to reach even the most cynical. 

I have since received very positive feedback from those involved, who felt they had benefited from both the sessions and using the tools that Katie recommended both in and out of work.