Rebecca Erskine

Owner - Yellow Bird Marketing and Communications

I had the pleasure of attending one of Katie’s Mindful Self-Care webinars recently. It was so useful on so many levels. Practical exercises on releasing tension. Useful background to different meditations such as the Metta Kindness meditation. An insight into nutrition and its impact on our mental health. 

Katie’s delivery is effortlessly intuitive. Her style is open, engaging and warm, and covers a whole host of useful content (it’s good to know too that her webinars count towards CPD).    

She illustrates her points with very engaging examples. Particularly thought-provoking was her insight into creating space between stimulus and response. She encouraged us to invite a worry to ‘sit down’ next to us as a way of acknowledging it but without feeling the need to take any immediate action. It was a very visual demonstration in how to create a space for quiet reflection on any thoughts, habits and beliefs before deciding on a response.  

Katie is very honest about her own relationship with anxiety. As a result, she’s able to quickly build rapport with her audience. I would highly recommend Katie for anyone who is looking for guidance in focusing on the here and now, and in developing a calmer life as a result. 

Deborah Bulcock

Deborah Bulcock Coaching and Consulting

I’ve been in the classroom and workshop environment with Katie on several occasions and can only describe it as a joy. She has an amazing ability to make the complex information accessible, understandable and fun to learn. 

Katie engages with her audience in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable participating, and that adds to the value of any time spent with her. 

She has a very calming influence and you can always guarantee a laugh. I can highly recommend Katie to you – you’ll never regret attending one of her events!

Kars Duck

A Be Calm, Be Happy course review on the Soul Nutrition Facebook page

I was introduced to Katie by a friend & attended a couple of her local workshops in Mindfulness techniques. Listening to her describe her experiences with such honesty was a breath of fresh air & she recommenced some great reading to support her work.

This led me to undertaking an in person Be Calm, Be Happy mindfulness course with Katie & her colleague Anne, which I can honestly say changed my world. Mindfulness is now such an important part of my life & I am lucky enough to be able to share the habits with others in my work.

Be Calm Be Happy mindfulness course

I am so grateful to Katie that our paths crossed at a time when I was needing to make big changes. Katie helped me to find the confidence I needed, supported me with guidance & naturally shares her empathy as well as her skills as a mentor & mindfulness teacher.

I honestly feel that she was the missing part in a jigsaw I had been trying to complete for many years, she helped me to put the pieces together and see the picture as a whole.

Callum Ferguson

Head of Content - Heart Valve Voice

Katie came on board with our programme to help support valve disease patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, a challenging period in many of their lives, and delivered a brilliant mindfulness workshop tailored to suit the specific needs of our patients. In a short space of time she was able to curate an engaging workshop which gave patients of varying abilities practical tools to help manage their own mental wellbeing.

Her workshops not only tell you how to use mindfulness but also explain the mechanics of why it works, giving a rounded understanding of its use to the individual. In addition to this, the resources she has developed on her website offer the mechanisms for continued engagement and support for our patients after the workshop.

Katie is a wonderful person and presenter, and we’re very glad she came on board with our programme.

Heart Valve Voice

Heart Valve Voice is the UK’s dedicated heart valve disease charity. They work with patients and clinicians to help increase the awareness of heart valve disease in the UK and improve diagnosis and treatment.

The charity is a collection of people with real experiences of heart valve disease, including a multi-disciplinary group of experts in the field (cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, GPs), cardiac patient societies and patients.

Lucy Peel, MSc, MRN

Naturopathy for Health

Katie’s mindful approaches to nutrition day for practitioners was a really valuable asset to add to my toolbox as a therapist.  I often refer back to her principles of mindful eating, both for myself  in my daily practice of mindfulness and gratitude as well as for my clients.  

What I really love about this course is it is reminds us to really think about our relationship with food and the joy of food, which can often be distorted by the media and current food trends.