Jennifer Samuel-Bryan

Artist, Manager and Curator - EPOK Studios

Katie is just fab! I’ve been to several of her regular & one-off events and I have loved every one. In particular, the Mindful Eating course in Stockport was a revelation. I went expecting “eat slower” “focus on flavour” etc but instead I got so much more. It was an emotional and revelatory exploration of our relationships with food and about self-care. I cannot recommend it enough.

Claire Wrigley

Manager, Corporate Finance - Deloitte LLP

Understanding the science that explains why what we eat impacts our mood and concentration has inspired me to eat well again!

Lucy Peel, MSc, MRN

Naturopathy for Health

Katie’s mindful approaches to nutrition day for practitioners was a really valuable asset to add to my toolbox as a therapist.  I often refer back to her principles of mindful eating, both for myself  in my daily practice of mindfulness and gratitude as well as for my clients.  

What I really love about this course is it is reminds us to really think about our relationship with food and the joy of food, which can often be distorted by the media and current food trends.

Ruth Walters

Let Her Eat Clean

After a hideous crash diet in my late teens and a 5st weight loss in just 6 months, a decade of disordered eating followed. Painful cycles of bingeing and deprivation and a complete disconnect from enjoying food plagued me on an almost hourly basis. Food was forever on my mind. I can’t remember the exact light bulb moment during Katie’s teaching but I was nodding uncontrollably throughout. I left, totally and utterly renewed.

I am now in my fourth year of being grateful for nearly every mouthful I’m eating, I have worn the same size dress and even made it through a pregnancy and post partum period (that had previously terrified me) without any negative thoughts creeping back. Katie truly is a wonder, she really did save me from myself.