Barbara Rudd

Senior Brand Manager - Lamberts Healthcare

Katie has been an integral part of the Lamberts Healthcare Seminar Team since 2001, facilitating functional nutrition seminars and writing and delivering training events for health professionals across the UK and Ireland. 

Her feedback is consistently excellent and she has developed a loyal following amongst our customers, who appreciate her engaging and inspiring delivery style as well as her ability to weave practical tips for clinical practice into information about the complex biochemical pathways and wide range of health conditions that Lamberts Healthcare supplements are designed to support.

Katie Sheen Lamberts Seminar Team 2017
Lorraine Nicolle, Katie Sheen & Shoela Detsios ~ Lamberts Healthcare Seminar Team 2017

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we turned to Katie to provide much needed support for our staff and customers, commissioning her to write and deliver two mindfulness webinars, one on Mindful Self-Care and one on Mindful Eating. As expected, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and it has been very rewarding to build this shared sense of community during such challenging times.

If you are looking for a professional, engaging and inspiring facilitator / speaker, I would not hesitate to recommend her.

Katie Sheen Lamberts seminar team
Katie Sheen presenting a seminar for Lamberts Healthcare, 2019

Claire Wrigley

Manager, Corporate Finance - Deloitte LLP

Understanding the science that explains why what we eat impacts our mood and concentration has inspired me to eat well again!

Tracy Land

Landmark Nutrition

Katie Sheen is a highly gifted lecturer and speaker and brings clarity and vitality to any topic that she talks about. She has a rare ability to take apart complex concepts and strip them back to their basic component parts and re-present them in a much easier-to- grasp way.

In addition to bringing clarity and understanding for her audience, she has a delightful personal presentational style, which brings lightness, humour and humanity to what could otherwise sometimes be dry or difficult material.

She definitely ‘adds value’ in spades – bringing a wonderful, accessible intelligence which does not confuse or bamboozle (which sadly is often the case) and a personal delivery style which makes her events delightful, and uplifting to attend.

Jennifer Samuel-Bryan

Artist, Manager and Curator - EPOK Studios

Katie is just fab! I’ve been to several of her regular & one-off events and I have loved every one. In particular, the Mindful Eating course in Stockport was a revelation. I went expecting “eat slower” “focus on flavour” etc but instead I got so much more. It was an emotional and revelatory exploration of our relationships with food and about self-care. I cannot recommend it enough.