Participant - Breathworks Mindfulness for Health Course

The course was just fantastic and I’m so grateful to have experienced such a sense of community and support.

Katie’s approach was really welcoming, and she encouraged curiosity at all times by allowing the group time and space for questions and reflection. The fact that she created such a safe space for the group really helped us to explore the practice at a deeper level.


Mindfulness Teacher and Participant - Breathworks Mindfulness for Health Course

I could listen and learn from Katie every single day! 

Katie’s welcome and warmth every single week was the highlight of my course. Katie is so knowledgeable and generous with it, and all of her experience is so evident in her presentations and delivery. Her kind listening ear and her empathy to each person makes this course exceptionally easy to participate in and learn from as each week progresses.

As a Mindfulness Teacher myself, I thoroughly enjoyed each weeks’ interactions with other course members, seeing how we all learned from one another in a safe and secure environment.

The course was just such a wonderful learning experience covering many topics, theories, practical advice and experiential learning. It has opened up a new curiosity for me in the area of how mindfulness can hugely help those who have any health conditions.

I was also introduced to new ideas and science around practicing mindfulness eg avoiding/accepting, ebb and flow, boom and bust, habit releasers, and compassionate acceptance.

I absolutely loved all the meditations and how language can colour how you practice mindfulness meditations. I always thought I needed music in the background as I listened to meditations, but I’ve found a new interest in the language used by Katie in the various meditations.

In the world of mindfulness, there is always something new to learn!


Participant - Breathworks Mindfulness for Health Course

I have a medical background as a GP and was new to Mindfulness. I have a degenerative spine condition, and was interested in learning how to cope with pain,  become less reactive to life’s stresses, and be more aware of how to be personally calm and happy.

Katie is a natural teacher, has an intuitive approach to dealing with individuals, and can find insight from any situation. She encourages a self reflective and non judgemental way of dealing with what emotions surface during the course.

Since finishing the course in January, I have continued my mindfulness journey. It has started me on a path of continued learning and questioning. It has helped me to manage my pain, and helped me enormously to prepare for, and go through major surgery. I believe the outcome will be so much better because of the things I have practiced from the course.

If you are thinking of doing the course, the best time to do it was several years ago!