Participant - Be Calm, Be Happy Mindfulness Course

This was one of the best investments in a course I’ve made.

What I gained from this course was….

A revisiting of the foundations of mindfulness and clarity around Thich Nhat Hanh’s interpretation of sutras relating to mindfulness and mindful practice. 

I have a greater sense of interbeing and as such I am able to look at things through dharma eyes more frequently than before. 

I also gained a greater sense of connection with fellow practitioners. 

What I appreciated most and found most helpful was……

Katie’s presentation. Katie was empathic, thoughtful, compassionate and informed. Katie spoke from her own experience, but not from a position of ego, rather she taught in a way that supported me to see how Thay’s teachings could be applied to everyday practice. 

I also appreciated the small “dharma sharing groups” where it felt easy to share about the practice and to learn from others. This also afforded the time to practice deep listening. 

What could be improved in this course is….

I see little that could be improved – apart from having a follow up course that takes things even deeper! ?

Any other comments…..

Thank you Katie for facilitating this course in such a human, open and transparent way. Thank you Plum Village UK for investing in and signposting us to this course. 

Thich Nhat Hanh mindfulness course


Participant - Be Calm, Be Happy Mindfulness Course

As a complete beginner, my feeling a bit daunted was soon removed as it all ‘made sense’ right from the start.

What I gained from this course was:

A great introduction to meditation and the teachings of Thay (Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh).

What I appreciated most and found most helpful was……

The clarity with which Katie taught us all. The lovely way we all began with a short meditation, joining the group together and creating a sense of interconnectedness.

So interesting to hear so many different interpretations of everything talked about. Katie’s obvious in depth knowledge and experience in discussing the teachings and answering questions was so appreciated. The whole course was calm and happy in itself, a very pleasant two hours to look forward to each week.

What could be improved in this course is….

Absolutely nothing. It’s just right as it is.

Any other comments…..

I would like to let others know how very special Katie is as a teacher. Someone who clearly goes the extra one hundred miles, during our course, such is her dedication and generosity of spirit. She is to be admired.

Thich Nhat Hanh mindfulness course


Participant - Be Calm, Be Happy Mindfulness Course

The sessions were supportive and all-inclusive – at no point did I feel that my novice status was an issue.

What I gained from this course was……

A thorough introduction to mindfulness and the Plum Village tradition. I now have a (nearly) daily practice which is bringing me a lot of pleasure.

What I appreciated most and found most helpful was……

Katie’s all-inclusive attitude and the support of the group as a whole. I didn’t enjoy the breakout groups at the beginning, but by the end of the course I found I was looking forward to the opportunity to discuss that week’s ‘topic’ in-depth with the other participants.

What could be improved in this course is….

I don’t feel there was anything. For beginners, some advance reading to obtain a basic understanding of Plum Village might be helpful.

Any other comments…..

Thank you Katie for guiding us through the course. I greatly appreciate everything you taught us and your calm, patient manner of delivery.

Thich Nhat Hanh mindfulness course on Zoom

Kars Duck

A Be Calm, Be Happy course review on the Soul Nutrition Facebook page

I was introduced to Katie by a friend & attended a couple of her local workshops in Mindfulness techniques. Listening to her describe her experiences with such honesty was a breath of fresh air & she recommenced some great reading to support her work.

This led me to undertaking an in person Be Calm, Be Happy mindfulness course with Katie & her colleague Anne, which I can honestly say changed my world. Mindfulness is now such an important part of my life & I am lucky enough to be able to share the habits with others in my work.

Be Calm Be Happy mindfulness course

I am so grateful to Katie that our paths crossed at a time when I was needing to make big changes. Katie helped me to find the confidence I needed, supported me with guidance & naturally shares her empathy as well as her skills as a mentor & mindfulness teacher.

I honestly feel that she was the missing part in a jigsaw I had been trying to complete for many years, she helped me to put the pieces together and see the picture as a whole.

Diane Cox

Participant - Be Calm, Be Happy Mindfulness Course - a review on

My life was turned upside down by circumstances outside of my control, but being introduced to Katie and her work has got me back on track. She has demystified Mindfulness and equipped me with simple tools to use on a day to day basis.

Now, I am reducing my anti-depressants, have stopped seeing my counsellor, am eating, exercising and sleeping better and feel stronger, calmer, happier and back in control.

Katie is wise, patient, kind, joyous, humorous, professional and full of knowledge and experience. She is very approachable and down to earth and keen to help anybody in any way that she can.

Soul Nutrition, run by Katie, gets the highest recommendation from me. I take every opportunity that I can to continue learning from her and practicing with her. It doesn’t need to take much time or cost that much to have a truly joyous experience that will enhance your life.