Nutrition & Mindfulness CPD Webinars for Health Practitioners

Katie researches, writes and presents a range of free nutrition and mindfulness webinars for health practitioners as part of the generous CPD programme offered by the Pharma Nord Education Team, which also includes in-person seminars at locations across the UK and Ireland.

Originally delivered as live events, the webinars can also be accessed as free recordings (accompanied by a pdf of the slides) once you have registered with Pharma Nord via their practitioner portal at and then navigated to the “Webinar Recordings” section of their website.

Mindfulness CPD Webinars for Health Practitioners delivered by Katie from 2021 – 2024 include:

  • Mindful Self-Care
  • Mindfulness for Digestive Health
  • Stress, Inflammation & Mindfulness
  • Fertility: Mindfulness & Nutrition
  • Mindfulness, Nutrition & Cardiovascular Health
  • Mindfulness, Nutrition & Trauma Recovery
  • Nutrition, Mindfulness & Long COVID
  • Nutrition & Mindfulness for the Relief of Anxiety
  • Nutrition & Mindfulness for Fatigue
  • Lifting Depression with Nutrition & Mindfulness
  • Managing Uncertainty & Anxiety with Mindfulness & Nutrition
  • Fibromyalgia: Mindfulness & Nutritional Support
  • Reducing Stress & Allostatic Load with Nutrition & Mindfulness
  • Befriending our Inner Critic to reduce Anxiety
  • Nutrition & Mindfulness for Insomnia
  • Nutrition & Mindfulness for Wound Healing
  • Nutrition & Mindfulness for Menopause
  • Nutritional Support for Easing Painful Menstruation
  • Nutritional Support for Postnatal Depression

About Pharma Nord

Pharma Nord is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of dietary supplements, and is a global, independently owned company with over 50 offices throughout the world. All their products are produced to pharmaceutical standards, and thanks to their high quality and bioavailability they are regularly used in clinical trials for a range of health conditions.

Please do not hesitate to contact Pharma Nord via or call them on 01670 534905 for further information, to register with them as a health practitioner, or to book your free place on an upcoming event.

Thank you.

Additional Mindfulness training opportunity for Health Practitioners

If you are a health practitioner who would like to explore how mindfulness can support both you and your clients, or are considering training as a mindfulness teacher, you may be interested in the next Breathworks Mindfulness for Health course, which counts as a pre-requisite for training with a range of mindfulness organisations and provides you with a toolkit of mindfulness resources to use and share with others.