Mindfulness Myth Busting: Podcast

What are the most common misconceptions and myths about mindfulness that you come across?

In October 2020 I was lucky enough to be interviewed by my friend Shaun Donaghy for his ever popular ‘Mindfulness for Beginners’ podcast, and together we discuss here the most common mindfulness myths that unfortunately put a lot of people off even trying a mindfulness class.

In this recording we cover questions and concerns such as:

  • Is mindfulness only for hippies?
  • Is mindfulness about escaping from the world?
  • Is it about ignoring the difficult stuff in life and just breathing?
  • Isn’t mindfulness just about focusing on the positive?
  • I can’t meditate because I can’t clear my mind
  • I don’t want to sit with my thoughts because they’re stressful
  • I’m worried about failing at mindfulness
  • I’ll never be able to be calm and happy all the time
  • I have social anxiety and get embarrassed easily
  • I’ve heard that mindfulness is all about accepting things as they are, but I want things to change not stay the same
  • Will it be years before I feel a benefit?

Shaun covers many other aspects of mindfulness in his regular Mindfulness for Beginners podcast, so do hop on over to his home page and subscribe if you’d like to listen to more.

Hopefully this podcast has inspired you to give mindfulness a go!

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