Mindful Self-Care: Leading Well: Webinar

Do you find that by focusing outwards on your team, you struggle to take time for yourself?

In the October 2020 edition of The Master Innholders’ Leading Through The Revival event series we focused on the wellness and mindfulness of industry leaders who prioritised their business and teams over the previous six months, whilst battling the challenges caused by COVID-19.

During this event with mindfulness teacher and speaker Katie Sheen, you will discover:

  • Simple mindfulness self-care tips for building inner strength, stability and wellbeing
  • How to create space for your own wellness by shifting focus, instead of finding extra time that you don’t have to spare
  • Using your own self-care to inspire your team, without draining your energy

During the webinar we refer to further information about finding your safe anchor in the present moment, so if you’d like to download this, please feel free:

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Further Information for You & Your Team…

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