Mindful Eating Podcast

Nicola Moore and Katie Sheen first met back in 2007 when Katie was undergoing clinical training during her final year of study at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION). Nicola held the role of a senior academic at ION for over 12 years and overall Head of Clinics for 4 years, inspiring countless students, including Katie of course!

Nicola has always been on a mission to champion positive health messages and relationships with food. She does this through her online clinic, public speaking and media collaborations, and practitioner mentoring. Invariably coming from a gut-hormone-immunity focus, she teaches individuals and organisations to be happy and healthy by harnessing a positive relationship with food, and a sensible approach to living a healthy lifestyle.

Nicola launched a new Podcast in 2020, providing a welcome opportunity for an interview with Katie about Mindful Eating that you can access for free via the button below. More information about Nicola and all the nutritional services that she offers can be found on her website here.

Would you like to learn more about Mindful Eating?

I run regular Mindful Eating events, and the joy of teaching live is that I can respond to your questions and reflections, sharing relevant mindfulness tips and meditations that are simple and achievable. Do visit the Events page and pop in whenever you’d like to ~ you will always find a warm welcome.