Mindfulness and Nutrition: Podcast

In this IHCAN Magazine podcast Katie Sheen chats to Nutritional Therapist Kirsten Chick about how mindfulness can help with making nutritional changes, and how nutritional support can help us become more settled and mindful: “It’s a fascinating two-way street we can offer people.” 

Katie also shares how mindfulness and self-compassion helped her deal with her own cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. 

“…and what was amazing was that in that moment I thought: My poor body… my poor body… I can see how much it’s suffering. And again, what a gift to be able to switch immediately into compassion, rather than fear – and there definitely was fear, I’m not going to pretend there wasn’t fear, there was fear as well, but the fear wasn’t of my own body. And that was one of those doorways for me into really taking care of myself.” 

Themes include deep listening, compassionate speech, how to become more self-aware and use that to show kindness and care to ourselves.

Katie Sheen IHCAN mindfulness podcast for health practitioners

Tears Become Rain

If you would like to read more about Katie’s experience of using mindfulness to manage the moments in which she was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, you may like to explore the new book ‘Tears Become Rain’ in which her story appears alongside 31 other inspirational accounts of transformation and healing. Due to be published on 10th October 2023, it is already available for pre-order, with all proceeds being donated to the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation.

Katie Sheen Mindfulness for Cancer in book Tears Become Rain