Online Course

Mindfulness for Anxiety Online Course on Udemy

People in 112 countries across the world are enjoying lifetime access to this practical and easily accessible Mindfulness for Anxiety course, which is hosted on the Udemy online learning platform.

Currently free in order to support as many people as possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, the course consists of one hour’s worth of very short videos (each just 1 to 4 minutes long) for you to play, pause, rewind and revisit in any order. Supported by downloadable handouts and short text sections, this bite-size learning format enables you to gently explore everything at your own pace, at a time to suit you, from any device with internet access.

You can also enjoy the Appreciating Windowsills App, the Happiness Calendar, SHIFT and Nourish right here in our Resources Section. Together these free mindfulness tools provide additional support for you to explore some of the ideas introduced in the course, helping to reduce anxiety and build strong foundations for happiness.

“I really enjoyed this course, it’s really useful and gives you all the tools and knowledge you need to face anxiety. She’s also the kind of person that makes you feel at peace when you’re listening to her, I’ll probably hear this course again in the future :)”
“Loved this course. It’s very precise and proposes great things to keep in mind about anxiety and what can be done about it.”
“Katie is very sincere and very genuine. I appreciate that she did have the courage to speak in front of the camera, because not all courses have that, and it adds to the humanity and feeling of connection in this course. Katie’s delivery is well-paced and her tone is calm and level while still using enough vocal variety to be engaging. In terms of content, she is careful to avoid overwhelming her students. She keeps her exercises simple and common sense, to the point where I was wondering: “Why haven’t I been told this before? It’s brilliant! I can’t wait to integrate this into my daily practice!” She starts at the beginning, and walks us through mindfulness in small, manageable steps in a way that is empowering. I am excited about using the Happiness Calendar and Appreciating Windowsills app! Thank you for putting together this course, Katie.”
“I have been seeing a psychologist weekly for the past 6 weeks to deal with anxiety (which increased as a result of covid-19 in the workplace). He is having me practice mindfulness daily, 10 minutes each day to focus on my breath and come back to my breath as mind wanders. This introductory video program complements the one to one therapy I am receiving.”
“This is a very practical course. I liked the fact that the videos were short and the suggested exercises were very simple – and, most importantly, I found them very helpful. The presenter comes over as very sincere, authentic and credible – she really knows her stuff! I don’t suffer unduly from anxiety but I feel that with my increased knowledge and the useful exercises I’m better equipped to prevent becoming anxious and know how to deal with it if it does occur. This course is not only useful for people wanting to reduce their anxiety but for people who want to prevent it becoming an issue in the first place.”
“Just what I was looking for!”