Mindfulness Resources

Appreciating Windowsills

Appreciating Windowsills is a game that Katie developed to help her recover from the physical and emotional trauma of her cancer experience in 2015. It currently takes the form of a digital, recordable book on the Featherbed Tales website, designed to help people of all ages to water the seeds of happiness in every day.

Free Gratitude game Appreciating Windowsills Katie Sheen Mindfulness

Mindfulness Meditations, Publications & Podcasts

Grouped into video, audio and print resources for you to access free insights into the breadth and depth of mindfulness, you are welcome to explore some of the media opportunities that have helped Katie to inspire people across the globe.

For all press enquiries, please feel free to email Katie directly.

Mindfulness Webinars & Interviews

Free mindfulness webinars and interviews can be discovered on YouTube ~ and if you subscribe there you will receive a gentle notification each time a new recording is posted.

To avoid the YouTube adverts do feel free to access meditations via the Publications page here on my website.

Free Happiness Calendar

online gratitude diary The Happiness Calendar

The Happiness Calendar provides a free space for you to remember 3 moments each day that you enjoyed, building a cloud of positive memories that appear like stepping stones of happiness throughout your life. These are often small things such as the warmth of your clothes, the smell of clean air after rain, the sound of leaves rustling in the breeze, or the unexpected glimpse of a bird in flight.

This habit of noticing what is pleasant in the present moment reduces anxiety, builds resilience, and prevents thoughts from fixating on the difficult experiences of life. Instead you gain a broader, more balanced view that helps you to cope with the inevitable ups and downs of your experience.

Free Life Coaching Model 

‘SHIFT’ is an online life coaching model that you are free to explore at your own pace, and return to edit at any time. By focusing on strengths that you already have and what the Happiness Calendar has highlighted as the things that make you feel positive, it helps you explore which small shifts in your thoughts or actions will help you to build a more calmer, happier life.

Free Mindful Eating Food Diary

Simply upload a photo of your food into ‘Nourish’, the free mindful eating food diary, then put your phone down and enjoy what you are eating! Afterwards, go back to the photo and complete a couple of quick reflections about how you felt, both physically and emotionally. 

Photos are automatically timed and dated, so that you can easily start to see connections between what you eat or drink and how you feel. This gives you the awareness to start experimenting with any changes that you may like to make: and if you are being supported by a health professional, you can create a read-only link on your laptop week-to-a-view option so that they can see your photos and offer additional ideas and suggestions.