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As well as our App we offer you a free, interactive website consisting of tools to support mindfulness, mindful eating, gratitude, appreciation and happiness.

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Happiness Calendar

  • Colourful Gratitude Diary: simply record 3 things a day that you appreciate
  • Build a cloud of happy memories & see what makes you happy most often
  • Lift your mood, shift yourself into a positive mindset & live in the moment
  • Enjoy a greater sense of positive connection to the world around you
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  • Unique, interactive Life Coaching Model to help make positive changes
  • Improve self-esteem by identifying your strengths & positive qualities
  • Focus on the present & what already makes you happy
  • Shift your life balance to play to your strengths & prioritise happiness
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  • Photographic Food Diary with room to note your thoughts & opinions
  • Explore which eating patterns make you happy & keep you well
  • Engage in more mindful, enjoyable mealtimes
  • Record your favourite meals & share them with friends & followers
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