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Soul Nutrition is a unique, interactive website consisting of three tools to support mindfulness and happiness.
Each tool can be used independently, or they can be used to complement each other. You can therefore use one or all of them as often as feels right for you from any device with internet access.

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Happiness Calendar

  • Colourful Gratitude Diary: simply record 3 things a day that you appreciate
  • Build a cloud of happy memories & see what makes you happy most often
  • Lift your mood, shift yourself into a positive mindset & live in the moment
  • Enjoy a greater sense of positive connection to the world around you
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  • Unique, interactive Life Coaching Model to help make positive changes
  • Improve self-esteem by identifying your strengths & positive qualities
  • Focus on the present & what already makes you happy
  • Shift your life balance to play to your strengths & prioritise happiness
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  • Photographic Food Diary with room to note your thoughts & opinions
  • Explore which eating patterns make you happy & keep you well
  • Engage in more mindful, enjoyable mealtimes
  • Record your favourite meals & share them with friends & followers
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